Let’s get real for a few minutes. In this blog I want to talk about thriving as a single mom, and how unreachable that can seem sometimes. Let’s face it: being a single mom is hard sometimes! Feeling like you’re thriving is hard sometimes. Knowing that you’re doing your best, but feeling like you’re getting nowhere is hard sometimes. Watching other single moms who seem to have it down to a science, and comparing yourself to them is hard sometimes! So why not take a moment to talk about these hardships, and then counteract them with some awesome tips on how to thrive as a single mom? Let’s get into it. 

How to Thrive as a Single Mom

  • Take all the help you can get! As a single mom, you face challenges on top of challenges on a daily basis, all of which tend to pile up on top of the next leaving you neck deep in a pile of challenges. Don’t take those on all by yourself! You have a network of loving, supportive people in your life, and they’re all waiting for you to tell them what you need help with! Friends and family are always willing to help, so get help! This will help you focus on the tasks you need to take care of, get everything resolved, and it will allow you to thrive in every way. 
  • Budget everything. Finances are one of the hardest parts of raising a family on your own. As a single parent, you’re often the only source of income for your family, and everyone relies on your income and smart spending. Financial experts always recommend one thing above all: budgeting like a fiend. It takes a little bit of getting used to, and it also takes time and effort at the beginning. However, as soon as you begin to budget and track all your expenses, you’ll notice a very positive impact on your knowledge about your spending and on your ability to make ends meet. Yes, it might not be muhc, but you’ll find yourself stressing less about money and spending, and you’ll be able to track every cent that goes out — which is a great way to find “holes in the boat”. 
  • Research government programs for single moms. The government has tons of programs available for single mothers. Depending on where you live and the size of your household, etc., you can be eligible for a number of different relief programs and other help. This help can come in the form of monetary compensation, but it can also come in the form of mental health help,housing assistance, educational programs, after school care for the little ones, and so much more. So do your research, find out what help you can get, and take it! It’s in place to help you thrive, and the more help you get, the less weight will be on your shoulders. 
  • Make sure to prioritize mental health. The foundation of thriving is mental health. Sometimes, we don’t even realize why we’re simply not thriving despite trying so hard, and the cause of this can be our mental state. It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere when your mind tells you you’re not! Therefore, it’s absolutely essential to make sure you’re 100% mentally and then you’ll be able to get everything on track from there — trust me! If you need to, reach out to a therapist or mental health professional, and do what you need to do to ensure a strong foundation. The same goes for your kid(s), because their mental health is also incredibly important!
  • Be open with your kid(s). Good communication within the family is a must when it comes to thriving as a single parent household. Try as hard as you can to be open with your kids, and try to let them into decisions for the family even if they’re simple like what you’ll have for dinner or what game they’d like to play on family game night. This will help you all act as a small but powerful unit, and it will also lead them to trusting you with what they’re going through. 

You are a wonderful mother. You are doing your best. You are thriving. You will continue to thrive and reach unimaginable heights. All you need to do is believe in yourself, and make sure you’re doing all that you can for yourself and for your family, without neglecting yourself and your personal goals. You are amazing and you’ve got this. Now go out there and show them how it’s done!

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