Magic dust

A simple Social Emotional Learning exercise

Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides a core for positive, empowered and safe learning, and much more while schools are becoming multicultural and multilingual communities. Also, students come from diverse social and economic backgrounds

Magic dust is a simple exercise that will take you or your students a few minutes to balance and become aware:  

  • How to manage emotions and behaviors

  • Solve problems effectively and peacefully

  • Make responsible decisions

  • Maintain healthy relationships in classroom.

Studies in the USA shows that students with strong SEL competence will open to many doors in the future:

Students who participate in SEL do better academically.

They improve attitudes and behaviors.

They will likely earn a college degree.

Almost 50% of them will more likely graduate high school.

Participating in SEL students learn the skills to succeed in every facet of school and also in the rest of their lives.

When students become aware of this, they make better and sensible decisions and things can turn out better in the future for them.



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