The year 2020 brought us all unforeseen circumstances which none of us could have ever been prepared for. This alone makes getting through the year and the pandemic a huge achievement. So, as 2020 comes to a close, I would love to tell you about my 10 biggest achievements this year, in hopes of inspiring you to write to me with your biggest achievements this year. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

My Biggest Achievements last year

  • Getting my book illustrated by Laura Catrinella. This was a huge step for me as an author, because Hannah’s Christmas Wish was a very special book for me and for many others; so having it re-illustrated by celebrated illustrator and character designer Laura Catrinella meant the world to me. Seeing the story come alive after so much time was a truly amazing experience, and I am overjoyed with Laura’s work.
  • I got my book translated and recorded an audiobook. Hannah’s Christmas Wish was written in my first language, Slovenian. But I wanted to make it available to people all around the world, and so I got it translated into English and Spanish, which are two of the most spoken languages around the world. Once I had them translated, I recorded 3 audiobooks, one for each language, and I now have 3 languages and 3 audiobooks available for everyone to listen to, read, and enjoy.
  • I came back to writing. I have written a large number of books in my career, but after I wrote Hannah’s Christmas Wish and it became the amazing project it is, I found myself not having the time, concentration, or inspiration to begin writing again, as I was so consumed with the project and with my personal life. However, this year, after so many, I finally came back to what makes me happy: writing. I am grateful and happy each and every time I write a word or a sentence, and watching books come together makes my heart sing. 
  • My son is now a teenager. Yes, we have reached our teens, and with that I have had to reassess the way in which I communicate with him, the way I approach things as a parent, and the way I discipline him. I feel like this is a huge achievement for us both because despite the changes that have been happening, we have been able to stay close to each other, and we have overcome these differences. Parenting a teen is hard, but every day that goes by is a new and exciting experience. 
  • I finally got my webpage up. If you’re like me, you know what it feels like when someone starts talking about websites and the internet and technology and you simply have no idea what they’re talking about. This made me a bit hesitant to start a website and to begin to establish my presence online. However, I overcame this apprehension and I conquered something that seemed impossible! Now, you get to read this on my website and that makes me super happy. 
  • I went international with my projects. This is probably one of my favorite achievements this year. Since my projects were incredibly well-received in my own country, I was inspired to go international with them in hopes of gathering a bigger community of loving, open people to embark on this journey with me, and it worked! I now have my book available in all countries around the world, and people from anywhere can access my website. 
  • I changed my business. This was a scary one for me, since I had been very comfortable in giving all my time to one career. But when I saw the amazing response to my work from people all over the world, it inspired me to make the full jump over to writing and publishing books. Now, all I want to do is dedicate myself to this project, and I am so happy you’ve joined me.
  • I started gardening again. I absolutely love gardening, but I had not been able to set aside enough time to dedicate it all the attention it needs for a good amount of years. So this year with lockdown and everything else going on, I decided that it would be the best year to start gardening again — so I did! I am now a proud gardener, and I love each and every little thing that sprouts in my garden. 
  • I have bonded more with Lopi (my dog). I have always loved animals, ever since going to help my grandparents at their farm as a child, and I had always loved my dog Lopi. But this year I really began to bond with him, and I began paying more attention to his little personality and needs and wants, and I feel like it has brought us closer than ever!
  • I went through divorce and established a healthy way of communicating with my ex partner. Divorce is really complex, and there are so many things that one goes through when dealing with a divorce. But what I knew is that I at least wanted there to be a good flow of communication with my ex partner, so that we could resolve issues and come to mature agreements when it came to our son; and we did it! Now we can communicate more easily and we try to avoid conflict as much as possible. 

These were my 10 biggest achievements of 2020, and I’m so happy to share them with you! I know many of them can be deemed small or trivial, but they were achievements for me, and I am proud of myself for each and every one of them. Remember these as you go about analyzing your own achievements, and keep in mind that they are all special and valid and worthy of pride. May 2021 hold more amazement for you and your family.

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