PreK - 8

kindness, empathy, compassion, inclusion & diversity

Literature can be a great source to help all children develop empathy, tolerance, kindness towards children with disabilities and all other diversities too.



  • Book bio Hannah’s Wish
  • 4 videos – How ti use this guide
  • Teaching points in the book
  • Character profile
  • Story analysis beginner – basic – advantage understanding 
  • Writing challenge WISHBOX
  • Orientation
  • Book review
  • English 101 – Writing 

Special children needs and diversities are a great opportunity for students with and without disabilities to engage, get new experiences in ongoing educational and physical activities.

The following Teacher guide offers a way to help develop children’s understanding of diversity, inclusion tolerance and kindness based on a children’s book Hannah’s Wish.


  • Students objectives
  • WE ARE UNIQUE – workshop for students
  • 3 Session plans for classroom
  • Questions to empower understanding about diversity
  • Book bio – working with a book
  • Printing source do the workshop                                   

All children deserve to smile and play together. The inclusive play provides all children to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

With a well put and represented service-learning project children become joyfully engaged. With service-learning project children are learning, to take responsibility for their actions and to be respectful and kind members of our community.


  • Available soon

ONE MILLION WISHES is a global community art project (GCAP), which connects children aged 4 – 10 global though making and sharing there special wishes that represent what matters in life through art.  Students globally participate in this project to learn about inclusion, kindness, tolerance and diversity in their community and in other cultures.

Application opens in June 2021.


  • Available soon


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