Hannah’s Wish is one of the extremely rare picture books that presents the theme of immaterial wishes to children in a sentimental and special way, and helps them to understand the differences we all face in the world. The book encourages children to accept and include everyone to be part of common play. 

The story is about a girl named Hannah who is in a wheelchair. She wishes to be able to walk. She decides to write a letter to send her special wish to Santa.  Just before Christmas. Santa arranges all the children’s wishes into boxes depending on the wishes they carry.

 In the end he is left with Hannah’s letter, which does not belong in any box – not the one for books, dolls, balls, or other toys… 

Santa visits Hannah for Christmas and tells her he can’t fulfill such a special and unique wish. But in the end Hannah is grateful for a hew amazing experience with Santa.


Inclusion, diversity, compassion, empathy, love, self-awareness, solution solving oriented, nonmaterial values, gratefulness

A true story inspired me

Listen to the story




Gratitude is important.


Accept yourself as you are.


Be kind and compassionate to others.


Non-material values are important.


Look for solutions to all the challenges in life.

"We cried together, but we've read it countless times."

Testimonial Item

Mary, mom of 6-year old son

“My daughter now says every morning,‘ Good morning, legs! ’Amazing!’

Testimonial Item

Lydia, mom of a 5-year old girl

"I had such a lump in my throat when I read it to the kids. It's wonderful."

Testimonial Item

Marc, Dad of 5-year old girl

"It's really not one of the ordinary books. A one-of-a-kind fairy tale."

Testimonial Item

Emily mom 6 year old Anne (USA)

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