Good bedtime stories are the kinds of stories that stick with us our whole lives. If I asked you what bedtime stories you were told when you were a child, I’m sure you’ll be able to list at least one that has stayed with you into adulthood, and that you will most likely tell your kids too. That said, are bedtime stories beneficial for children? If so, what makes good bedtime stories beneficial? I want to give you 4 ways in which bedtime stories can benefit your kids. Let’s dive right into it!

4 Ways in Which Bedtime Stories Benefit Children

Bedtime stories stimulate imagination. When we read or tell our children stories right before bed, it allows them to let their imaginations soar. When their imagination flows it stimulates creativity and cognitive development, and it also adds meaning and depth to the words they’re hearing, therefore deepening their vocabulary. As you tell the story, your kid(s) get to watch the whole story like a movie in their minds, and this is one of the best experiences ever as a kid!

It makes falling asleep easier. When kids are comfy in their bed and they let their imaginations fly as you tell them a good bedtime story, suddenly the line between being awake and dreaming blurs. When they’re actively imagining all the scenes from the story, it makes it much easier for kids to fall asleep and start dreaming than if they were just left to try to fall asleep on their own. Your voice is also very calming to your kid(s), and so they feel safe and comforted, which also adds to making falling asleep very easy in comparison to no story at all.

It promotes better dreams. We all have nightmares as kids — it’s normal. Sometimes it’s due to stories we hear, sometimes it’s because of eating weird combinations of food (or at least it was that way for me), and sometimes it’s just because we have an overactive imagination as kids and that leads to scary things sometimes. Regardless, a great way to try to provide some comfort to kids before they go to sleep is by reading them or telling them a bedtime story. As mentioned above, telling them stories gets their imagination on a beautiful path, and it’s easier for them to have great dreams after a good bedtime story.

It’s bonding time. We’re often busy during the day as working parents, and finding enough time to hang out with your kids can prove difficult during the week — it’s normal! One way you can make sure you spend time with your kids is by reading them good bedtime stories before they sleep. You can all unwind together, spend time reading your favorite stories, and make for a lovely night full of good dreams. Your kids will love having this time with you, and you will love spending time with them — even if it’s just before they go to sleep.

Before I go, I would love to tell you a story from my childhood which this blog made me think about. When I was a child, I had a love for learning about all the things in the world and how everything worked. This led my parents to buying me a collection of kid-friendly encyclopedias, and I absolutely adored them. So, every night when it was time to start unwinding after a fun day, my father would come into the room I shared with my sister, and he would read 2 books I chose and 2 books my sister chose. When my father read the books, he would make a different voice for every character in the book, and if there were many characters it got really funny.

The different voices, the different stories, and the overall experience of being able to listen to my father read the books made bedtime my favorite time of day. However, I always wanted more facts and less fiction, so I would always make sure to pull one of my encyclopedias instead of a storybook, and I’d have him tell me at least 3 facts before I went to bed. These would make my imagination fly, and I could go to sleep in instants thinking about fun animal facts or events in history.

This story goes to show that as long as your children like the stories you’re telling them, it doesn’t matter what they’re about. You can always introduce educational books into bedtime if you would like to enrich their minds that way; and you can also stick to their favorite fairy tales. So, in short, the story doesn’t necessarily matter — as long as you’re the one reading it to them, they’ll love the experience!

I hope this blog was enlightening for you, and I hope you learned a little behind why reading to your kids before bed is beneficial. I wish you the best and easiest bedtimes with your kids, and I would love it if you sent me your favorite bedtime stories!

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