Here are some beautiful ways in which books can promote creativity in kids!

Books have been used for education since the Greeks, and they have always been around for us to look to for all kinds of things. Children weren’t historically educated unless they were royalty or of high station, but in recent centuries, we have made education an important part of childrens’ upbringing; and in the last 100 years we have created a full genre of books just for kids!

As we have been educating children through books, we have also studied their effects on childrens’ minds, and one of the things that has come up is whether or not it promotes creative thinking in children.

Well, do books really promote creativity in children? Absolutely! Here are a few ways in which books help children develop creative thinking:

Subject Matter. As kids, our minds are full of magical ideas and we are most open to the endless possibilities that life has to offer — magical or not. So, when it comes to reading books, the subject matter has a huge impact on the way children see these endless possibilities, and reading books with fantastic subject matters can expand their own creative thinking, and can lead them to thinking outside of the box.

Educational messages.
Books can be a great way to educate kids about pretty much anything, given the sheer saturation we have available to us. So, when children read books with educational messages, they will begin to think in these ways, and this will lead them to problem-solving, seeking solutions, and finding the best way to deal with things in life — all part of creative thinking.

Art in books. When children are too small to read on their own, the art in books is one of their main points of interest when it comes to books — hence the amazing art on the pages of most kids’ books. Art is a huge portal into creativity for children (and adults!), and so this is another way in which books promote creativity in kids.

Storytelling and the endless possibilities. Some children are drawn to the storytelling aspect of books. Many kids love to focus on the story and how it unfolds as it goes, and many children gain an interest in writing their own stories. This is one of the most beautiful ways in which the development of creativity in children presents itself.
Emotional and mental struggles and achievements. Books are full of stories of how the characters deal with problems in their life. These ways of dealing with things vary from character to character, and the problems do too. Through reading children can 1) realize that everyone goes through hardships in their life and 2) can learn about how to deal with those hardships. This is also a beautiful representation of creative thinking.

As you can see, books are great tools for teaching children creativity. They expand children’s vocabulary, their emotional intelligence, they inspire them to be things and do things in life, and they are wonderful examples of just how important creativity can be in our lives. Books are arguably the greatest tool for teaching, and we all love them. So next time you’re choosing a book for you kid(s), try looking for one that you know will inspire them!

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