Does Reading Stimulate Intelligence in Kids?

In today’s world, reading to our children and teaching our children how to read early on has become absolutely essential. Reading itself is one of the most valuable life skills we can teach our children, and so we tend to spend a lot of time reading to them and allowing them to make attempts at reading along the way. But how does reading affect children’s intelligence, and does reading stimulate intelligence in kids?

The answer is yes! Reading does stimulate intelligence in kids, and not just in one way. In this blog, I want to list 4 incredible ways in which reading stimulates intelligence in kids. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn more about your child’s mental development, and a great guide for what to focus on during and after reading time.

4 Amazing Ways in Which Reading Stimulates Intelligence in Kids

  1. Reading improves social cognition and perception. As children develop and grow older, they begin to learn about different social situations and how to deal with them. They also learn more about what is going on around them and what that means. Reading can shed light on these social experiences by showing different events and trials through the characters in the book, and children can begin to learn how it all works this way. Reading, in this case, serves as examples for children in things such as normal social interactions and how those play out, what to do and what not to do in situations, how different people react to different events, and many more. So, while getting out there and experiencing these things first-hand is beneficial to no end, reading and learning through books will allow your child an upperhand in these kinds of situations, and can improve their intelligence regarding the subject.
  1. Reading promotes emotional intelligence. One of the things that stand out about books is the fact that we can watch characters go through different situations in life, and we get to see how they react in the face of these events. As children who are developing the ability to regulate and understand emotions, this can be one of the best ways to begin to comprehend what emotions are, what they mean, how to express them properly, and what to do with them. There are hundreds of books that show us the dos and don’ts of handling emotions, and how the way we express our emotions affects those around us, and they all serve as amazing tools for the development of emotional intelligence in children.
  1. Reading expands vocabulary and provides a deeper understanding of words. Books consist of one main ingredient: words. When a child reads or is read to, they not only get the chance to learn new words, but they also get the chance to reflect on the words they learn, which allows them to gain a deeper understanding of words and how they fit into their vocabulary. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy your child books with complex, fancy words in it; but what it does mean is that your child will regularly learn new words that they’ve never heard before, and that they will begin to fully comprehend all vocabulary more and more as they go on.
  1. Reading is a great way to introduce new concepts to children. The children’s books market is saturated with all kinds of books varying from fictional fables all the way to complex concepts like nuclear science and computer programming. This is a wonderful thing because books make learning fun for children, and they are a great way to expand your child’s “curriculum” or general knowledge about how the world works. Anything from illustrated kid-friendly encyclopedias to books about science will allow you to introduce a new topic, and will make it easy and fun for the kids to learn the subject. You’d be amazed at how much a child can learn when it’s presented in a way that they can comprehend!

As you can see, these are 4 of many different ways in which a child’s intelligence can be stimulated by reading. Therefore, now that you know how important and how beneficial reading can be for your child, I hope you feel inspired to get nice and snuggled up to a good book, and watch your child’s mind expand with each new (or old) book you read together!

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