Are you new to audiobooks for kids? Have you had a hard time working out how to incorporate them into the daily routine you and your kids have? Don’t worry! We have all been there. Audiobooks definitely occupy a special place in our days, and since they do require a small bit of attention from the listener, it can seem a little hard to work that into the day. In this blog, learn about 10 super fun and easy ways to incorporate an audiobook into your kids’ routine!

Number One: Before Naptime

What better transition into naptime than listening to the voice of a special narrator, and letting your imagination fly? Audiobooks have been found to improve sleep in children thanks to their soothing sounds and their abilities to spark creative imagination as the story progresses. 

One of the best parts about this option is that you can put your kids in their comfy naptime spot, turn on the audiobook from any digital device you choose, and then step out of the room and have some time to yourself while they listen and drift off to the book. 

Number Two: After Naptime

If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy your audiobook before naptime, you can always give your kids a smooth transition from sleepyhead to crazy 5 year old with their favorite audiobook. When they wake up from their nap, go ahead and play their audiobook, and let them get back into the groove of the day with the help of their favorite characters. 

You’ll love this one because it’ll allow you some extra time after their naps to finish up anything you might’ve been doing while they slept, and you’ll find that your kids will be a lot calmer after their naps. 

Number Three: During Playtime

If your kids are enjoying their playtime at home, why not add some extra ambiance by pressing play on their favorite audiobook? It’s the perfect supplement for playtimes, as it adds

atmosphere to the room, provides a great background learning tool, and serves as a great way to allow your kids to concentrate on something if they get bored from their game.

You might like this tip because it can give you the chance to keep the kids’ volume down during playtime, and give you a bit of peace during what is often considered the loudest time of the day. Also, who doesn’t love a good story during the day?

Number Four: On the Way to School

One of the best parts about audiobooks is that you can download them on almost any digital device of your choice, and get a portable book to enjoy anywhere you go. So why not send your kids to school with their favorite audiobooks on the device of your choice? (I highly suggest a little iPod Nano!) 

If you take your kids to school yourself, then putting the audiobook on in the car is a great way to keep everyone entertained while going to school, and also a great way to center them in the morning with a good story and the voice of a narrator that they like. 

Number Five: After School

Sometimes school can be hard on kids. Anxiety and stress is seen in an increasing number of children around the world, many of them reporting that school is one of the primary causes of these afflictions. So, taking good care of them after school can be one of the ways to help them cope with the stress that they experience at school.

A great way to help them unwind after school is with an audiobook. You can put it on while they eat lunch, before a healthy after school nap, or even just to give them 10 minutes of unwinding time while you prepare lunch for them. Audiobooks have been found to help children and adults alike to release stress, and many report them being a great way to get centered after or before a long day.

Number Six: After Dinner, Before Bed

Another great way to help your hyper kids to start getting ready for bed is to put on their favorite audiobook — or even introduce a new one. The first option is great because you can offer it as a little reward for getting snuggly in their beds, and it will help them take a few minutes to get relaxed, and then sleepy. 

The second option, introducing a new audiobook, is a great option because they will want to pay the new book all the attention they can, and they can’t help but get into the story and let their imagination fly while they listen. This will bridge the hyper world of kids with the relaxed sleepy world of dreams.

Better yet, you can introduce a longer audiobook that has chapters, so that every night they can look forward to the next chapter of the book, and so be motivated to get into bed and unwind. It’s all up to you and them to decide!

Audiobooks are great sources for children in many ways. One of them being how it allows them to unwind or get their mind off their busy days and just let their imagination fly; another being that it is a great way to teach them new vocabulary, how to say new words, and even teach them a second language (if the audiobook is in the target language).

Therefore, why not give audiobooks a try? Your kids are going to love them, and you will get some nice quiet time to carry out any necessary tasks. And who knows?! Maybe you’ll like the stories too and get into them just like your kids! Either way, try introducing them in one or all of these ways, and watch their minds come alive!

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