I am Alex!

I am a mom, bestselling children’s book writer, primary school teacher – emotional menthor. I write amazing stories that teach children about inclusion, tolerance, and kindness. My mission is to help parents and teachers raise confident, aware and compassionate children who can change the world!

I am an author of several innovative children’s books, which encourage self-awareness in children and adults alike. It is through those books that I help  parents in education and personal development, and strive to strengthen their faith, perseverance, determination, and  consciousness.

My books are filled with kindness, friendship, tolerance, and gratitude. 

I say that my role in life is to light up the light in parents because in this way I help light up the future. And the future are our children.

The book “Big Sloppy Boots” attracted the attention of Slovenian pedagogical professionals thus it contributed to children’s’ lasting knowledge, their strengthening of innovative ideas, and the establishment of higher moral values towards fellow human beings, nature, and the environment in children.

I also received an Innovation Award for the book “Big Sloppy Boots” , educated around 1500 kindergarten and primary school teachers and have included over 30.000 children in the project. Several of my projects were supported by national state president Borut Pahor.

Also my  fist picture book “Percy and His Nest” was given the Best Ecological Picture Book award in 2013.

Alex Pin

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Charles R. Swindoll

I also have an immeasurable urge to help vulnerable groups of people, especially children with special needs.  From the books selling Hannah’s Christmas Wish I donate 5% to the charity to help and encourage placing special swings for children on wheelchair in public playgrounds.  

I  come from Slovenia, EU, where I live with her son and my small dog Lopi.

Some more facts about me:


When I was a little girl, I wanted to become a lady-warrior, who was going to save the world.


My knees were always scraped up from playing ball with the boys in her neighborhood. 


My spirit was very restless and disobedient, so I was often found being scolded by my Mom.


I only began writing children’s books when I became a Mom. At that time, I was facing postpartum depression, and writing books for children helped me beyond measure.


As a child, I wanted to have a magical ring that would make me invisible, and I always carried a special white stone with me.  I believed it gives me special powers.







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